Who is really Bill? (RO: Popcorn 08/07)

29. srpna 2007 v 14:35 | Alexia |  x Articles
What moves Bill in fact? Where is he going? What have he lived in the past 2 years? Popcorn reporter, Marco Schiffer, fallowed him all the time, he accompanied the band from the beginning till now. This is an inside feature report about Bills feelings.

Hi, I'm Bill… No long ago he was on the stage running like a lunatic. Now, the boy who seems so sensitive, almost like a girl, is right behind my eyes: big eyes, painted with lots of black eye shadow, manga hair style, high and thin voice - he is the period when his voice is changing. His clothes makes him look more rebellious that he is in fact. Bill Kaulitz is only 15 but he has the charisma of a real star. He is a diamond made to shine. In his eyes I can see a fire that can heat many hearts. I feel that Bill is very special. Somebody like him appears in the music industry once in 10 years.
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It's july 2005: Tokio Hotel have their first show in the Weyrton studios in Munchen/Germany. Everybody feels that a great monsoon burst upon Germany…

Magdeburg/Germany, 25.07.2005: The first photo session for Popcorn. Nobody knows about Tokio Hotel yet, "Durch den Monsun" will be released 3 week later. Their mom brings Bill and Tom to the photo studio. Bill is very nervous. He ask his mother if he does the right thing. But he doesn't have to: Bill instinctive do the work right because he fallows his senses! He has the "thing" that stars have, he's authentic, even in interviews. He says what he thinks, and what it moves him…

8 weeks later: "Durch den Monsun" and their album "Schrei" is on the first place and the number of fans grow day by day. I meet again with Bill on 25.09.2005 in Magdeburg. He isn't relaxed like he was before. Bill seems tired, he is in a bad mood, he keep on talking at the phone all the time and he put on frills when he's picking his clothes. But after all everything ends well. Only in the interview he's more reserved, and when it comes about personal questions the manager interfere. Bill is glad - he no more wants to reveal all that's in his soul. The press continues to write, the fans craziness grows faster, on the internet appear the first anti-fans. This things confuse the sensitive Bill and is stressing himself.

Berlin/Germany 20.11.2005: The success makes him more confident. We can no longer talk about incertitude. The pressure, the stress and the pain are already forgotten. Tokio Hotel received their first golden disc, and trophies like "Bambi", "Comet" and "Echo" are coming. Bill is full with joy like a little boy, is excited, in a good mood and very nice with everyone. I can see that achievements makes him good.

28.01.2006: Is making a big fuss about Bills new hair style. He smooth his hair, and the eye lock has disappeared. The fans are going crazy, talks like lunatics on the internet. He is besiege with critics. Bill fail and begin to lose his confidence. "I never would have guessed that my new hair style will incite so many people" he says on our meeting in Berlin. Before the photo session he locks himself in the bathroom and checks if his hair looks good - he wants everything to be perfect!

Herford/Germany 07.07.2006: Tokio Hotel are on a tour and everywhere rule the hysteria. The band is euphoric. Bill has loquacity, he talks open about his dreams and his wishes. His voice is more low, the answers well thought-out, his appearance is more professional, more disciplined. Mr. Tokio Hotel keep up his part. Bill knows now the monster named show-business works. And he understood: who can reach the top can fall even lower. That's why he have to control himself. For working to their latest album, the band had isolate themselves completely. There were too many things in the middle and the pressure was huge. But in 2007 Tokio Hotel had managed to rise above their own success. They proved it with their latest album "Zimmer 483" and also with their promotion European tour…


1 mara mara | 29. srpna 2007 v 15:23 | Reagovat

hy i'm from romania. tokio hotel has a lots of fans here. i think that they are gonna go even in Timbuktu but never in romania.:(

2 Alexia Alexia | E-mail | Web | 29. srpna 2007 v 15:35 | Reagovat

mara: hey...so we must do some for Tokio Hotel...for example some petition (like Israel´s fans...) Don´t worry, Tokio Hotel will be concert in Romania, some day...I am confident about it...

3 bilisek bilisek | E-mail | Web | 29. srpna 2007 v 19:27 | Reagovat

ahoj alexia bude to aj v slovencine alebo cestine? prosim

4 bilisek bilisek | E-mail | Web | 29. srpna 2007 v 19:28 | Reagovat

Alexia:a este daco ja som ti uz poslala druhu cast FFky na mail tak si ho potom pozri

5 LT fan LT fan | E-mail | 29. srpna 2007 v 20:15 | Reagovat

yes, they goes to many fu***ing countrys, but like Lithunia do'n appear! here live very much theyr fans, we write letters to TH managers, to theyrs e-mails, to MTV, everywhere where we can, but all reply to us, that fans isn't many!

6 ... ... | 13. září 2007 v 17:21 | Reagovat

Tokio Hotel is the first and the only rock group with such stile. I love them a lot. They soon will be in Moscow and I exactly will go to there consert)) And I hate Nevada Tun - 6 fucking boys, which copping TH`s stile, and what ever happen I always will be with Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg. My love is forever...

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